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Gold Belt Tour - Colorado
Gold Belt Tour - Colorado
Colorado Byways - Golden!      
Colorado is home to 26 byways, 11 of which have been designated by the U.S. Secretary Transportation as America's Byways, meaning they are nationally recognized for their outstanding scenic and historic attributes. Colorado has more national designations than any other state. Here are those 11, brought to you by the Colorado Department of Transportation: Colorado River Headwaters; Grand Mesa; Lariat Loop; Frontier Pathways; Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway; Gold Belt Tour; Santa Fe Trail; San Juan Skyway; Top of the Rockies; Trail of the Ancients and Trail Ridge Road.
Colorado Scenic Byways

Contributed by Charlotte Bumgarner, NSBF Director      
Do you know about hashtags?
Social Media Tip  
If you're a marketing communications person who wants to connect with new customers, guests, or your "perfect visitor," plus increase the chances of your online content being noticed at all, then you need to use hashtags when it's appropriate to do so.

A hashtag - #wordgoeshere - is a way of grouping together all related content items in one place and, most importantly, making them searchable and more easy to track.You might also think of them as a flexible way to set up a focused micro-search engine, because people use hashtags to search social networks for specific information and influential people around a topic, rather than Googling around and dealing with huge piles of possibly irrelevant results. Hashtags work best on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest but not on Linked In. They are also used on Facebook although the use is not common.

Beyond using conference hashtags as free distance learning, here's how to get started.

**  Make it simple. Participate in the "hashtag of the day:"
  • #MusicMonday or #MountainMonday
  • #TravelTuesday
  • #WineWednesday or #WaterfallWednesday
  • #TBT (the very popular Throwback Thursday, which you actually WILL find people using on Facebook)
  • #FridayFunday
  • #SaturdayNight
  • #SS or #SelfieSunday
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Contributed by Sheila Scarborough and Leslie McLellan, Tourism Currents 

Vitamin N:
The Essential Guide to a Nature Rich Life 

While on the road (again), I listened to the May 30, 2016 Diane Rehm Show on NPR which featured Richard Louv (author of "Last Child in the Woods") and his most recent book, "Vitamin N: The Essential Guide to a Nature Rich Life." The book includes a "prescription" to connect kids with the power and joy of the natural world. It includes 500 activities for children and adults, a list of websites and (my personal favorite) "down-to-earth" advice. Other guests on the program included Jonathan Jarvis, Director of the National Park Service (NPS), who discussed National Park Prescriptions Initiative (Park Rx) which is a collaboration of NPS and over 60 health care providers and community partners. Also on the program was Dr. Robert Zarr, Washington,DC pediatrician and founder/director of DC Park Rx, a community initiative to prescribe nature to patients and families. These ideas sounded like something byway groups might wish to consider as part of their efforts to engage community and visitors with the byway environment. You can listen to the May 30, 2016 program online at thedianerehmshow.org.

Contributed by Deb Divine, Co-executive Director of the NSB Foundation
The Cultural Traveler

Rosemary McCormick, President of Shop America Alliance with the US Cultural & Heritage Tourism Marketing Council will be attending the IPW 2016 conference in New Orleans. She wanted to share with all that the Cultural Traveler is featuring The Great River Road distributed in-room to all official IPW hotel guests on Monday, June 20 as well as to international tour operators and media at the marketing council booth. 
The 2016 issue features The Great River Road Byways Editorial.  You can view online.  
Shipments of The Cultural Traveler guide/Shop America Magazines 2016 combo issue will arrive in Visitor Centers this month.  
As the publication grows partners in 2017, publication staff is planning to feature Native American Arts and Culture capturing Byways along tribal lands.

Contributed by Rosemary McCormick, Shop America Alliance

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