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December 2014
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The mission of the Illinois River Road is to provide a living museum without walls that will enhance people's experience of the nature, history, archaeology and other intrinsic qualities of the byway, while providing and maintaining unique recreational and educational experiences for visitors and residents, and sustaining local communities' economies and quality of life.


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Visitors Flock to See Eagles
Promote Your Eagle Events
Submit your 2015 Bald Eagle-watching event for promotion on, the website Illinois River Valley visitors turn to when seeking events that will bring them closer to these magnificent birds of prey. 

Visit our Event Calendar by December 31st to enter information about your community's or site's eagle event. The event will be promoted:
  • At the top of our Event Calendar with other eagle-related activities
  • As one of the 2015 Eagle Events highlighted on our Birding page
  • In our visitor newsletters promoting eagle events along the Illinois River Road
  • In posts on the Illinois River Road Facebook Page
Small Business and Attraction Marketing Opportunities
Connect with Byway Travelers
Byway travelers look to avoid the main thoroughfares and get
off the beaten path by traveling local roads and exploring unique communities along the way. Locally-owned and operated shops, restaurants, lodging facilities and area attractions are a byway traveler's delight.

Visit our Business and Stakeholder Resources page for more information about how small, unique businesses can be listed under Unique Dining, Unique Shopping, Unique Lodging or Other Attractions on for FREE and be promoted to this niche market.