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      January 20, 2015

Byways Will Be Represented At

IPW 2015 in Orlando

U.S. Travel Association's IPW (formerly International Pow Wow)  is the tourism industry's largest generator of inbound international travel to the U.S.  The National Scenic Byway Foundation will be exhibiting at IPW15 May 30 - June 3 in Orlando, Florida.


The National Scenic Byway Foundation is representing the greater byways community at the upcoming conference and BYWAYS will, once again, exhibit on Federal Row - alongside the National Park Service, AIANTA, America's Great Outdoors, Recreation.Gov and others.


We are providing individual byways and state byway collections the opportunity to be called out and promoted as examples of our country's many byways to explore. Member organizations of the National Scenic Byway Foundation have the opportunity to be represented for a cost of $375 for a single byway or $750 for a state byway collection - a fraction of the cost for an exhibit booth. 


Your support not only gives your byway international exposure, it goes a long way to bringing much needed attention to the authentic experiences byways provide international travelers.  The National Scenic Byway Foundation cannot do it without your help.  If you're interested in making sure byways have a powerful presence at IPW '15 in Orlando, join us by participating in the National Scenic Byway Foundation booth. Space is limited. Participate in IPW2015!



Participating Byways will:

  • Be showcased to attendees during in-booth meetings
  • Be represented on a specially-created website that promotes the byway and contains downloadable materials and contact information for attendees 
  • Receive a post-show lead sheet and list of tour organizers, for direct marketing purposes

Complete the IPW Commitment Form by February 20, 2015 to be a part of this exciting event. For more information about the event, visit  IPW2015


The mission of the national scenic byway foundation is to provide leadership to empower, strengthen and sustain byways. 
The vision of the national scenic byway foundation is that byways will be recognized and valued worldwide for their distinctive experiences, stories and treasured places.
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