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National Scenic Byway Foundation Mission and Vision

The mission of the National Scenic Byway Foundation is to provide leadership to empower, strengthen and sustain byways.  The vision of the National Scenic Byway Foundation is that Byways will be recognized and valued worldwide for their distinctive experiences, stories and treasured places.
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MAY  2015

Dear Friend,


I volunteer.  I enjoy serving.  I like the opportunity to meet and work with other people.  We may have different points of views.  We are like-minded in our unspoken commitment.


As you work with your volunteers on your byway, I'd like to offer some advice from a volunteer's perspective.


Lead from behind:  Give your volunteers the resources they need.  Empower us.  Let us tap our creativity.  Allow us to commit, follow-up, and deliver.


Add meaning:  Whether it's a mundane task or a more significant project or effort, take the time to explain the importance of the results to your or the organization's larger goals.  It is the sincerest way to thank us for our contributions.


Respect:  Respect is our wage.  Be respectful of our time.  Be prepared for us when we show up.  When everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.  If you ask us to develop or prepare an initiative, please do not put it on the shelf.  We expect you to commit, follow-up and deliver.


I wish you continued success in working with your volunteers.


Best regards,

Rob Draper

Chair, National Scenic Byway Foundation

Around the Country: Illinois Holds Statewide Scenic Byway Meeting

Leaders and stakeholders for each of Illinois' seven national scenic byways met for a two-day retreat, facilitated by byway consultant Sharon Strouse, last month in Grafton, Illinois to discuss thoughts and ideas for partnerships, sustainability and strengthening volunteer leadership among byways.  The group of more than 40 heard from statewide agency and organizational partners, Illinois Department of Transportation and Office of Tourism, and the Illinois Audubon Society, about their commitments to support byway efforts and marketing in Illinois.


The meeting was a productive one, with Illinois Audubon Society Director, Tom Clay, sharing their efforts to promote birding on each of Illinois' seven byways; Sharon Strouse shared information about Maryland's Scenic Byways statewide strategic plan and the state's efforts to collaborate in order to sustain their byways system; and a "potential partner" list was created over two days that will become a focus for Illinois byways to develop new and lasting partnerships.


Illinois Great River Road Director, Roger Carmack, who spearheaded the meeting said, "The purpose of this meeting was to bring Illinois byways together, strengthen and develop new partnerships, brainstorm alternative funding sources, and spark new ideas and enthusiasm for byways." 

Contributed by Anaise Berry


A Word from Federal Highway Administration

Reminder:  As the Federal Highway Administration prepares for August Redistribution in the next couple of months, please be aware that all 2011, 2012  and prior discretionary funds for the National Scenic Byways is scheduled to lapse, if not obligated by the end of FY 2015. This also includes projects that have been partially allocated.


We are requesting that you work with your State DOT or project recipient to have funds obligated for projects which were awarded, so that any discrepancies will be resolved by the end of FY 2015.
Wesley Blount, Office of Planning, Environment & Realty, Federal Highway Administration

Byways at IPW 2015


The National Scenic Byway Foundation is proud to represent America's byways on "Federal Row" at the U.S. Travel Association's IPW Conference, being held in Orlando, Florida May 30th - June 3rd.  Over a dozen byways and state collections will be featured on the newly created  website. NSBF delegates to IPW, Andrew Alberti, Stacy Brown and Sallie O'Hara, will meet with more than 50 international IPW attendees about the "authentic American experience" of driving our nation's state and national scenic byways, highlighting our participating byways, as well as the national collection.


Contributed by Anaise Berry 

2015 Conferences and Events

      • IPW - May 30-June 3, 2015                               Orlando, FL 
      • Byway Leader Training - Aug 23-26, 2015        Millersburg, OH
      • Past Forward Conference - Nov 3-6, 2015        Washington D.C.

Registration now open:

Byway Leader Training 

The National Scenic Byway Foundation is offering BYWAY LEADER TRAINING
to inform, educate and convey the fundamentals of leading a byway program or organization. This learning opportunity is designed to answer implementation questions and offer practical strategies to successfully achieve and support the goals of your byway. The training will take place in Millersburg, Ohio on August 23 - August 26, 2015. Presenters include Deborah Divine, Sally Pearce, Chris Sieverdes and Sharon Strouse. Contact Sharon Strouse for additional information regarding the application process, self-nomination procedure and availability of housing, transportation and
We Are Listening!
Results are in from our recent survey seeking what  Byway communities are looking for from the Foundation. Of 258 responses, the 31 percent who were members valued access to expertise, communications from the Foundation and education opportunities. Of the non-members, 39 percent did not know we have membership opportunities and 27 percent said they had no funds to join. Nineteen percent thought the Foundation receives federal funds which it does not. And 22 percent think we have paid staff. The Foundation is made up of 100 percent of volunteer talent across the nation! With that said, more will be shared in future months about our website make-over with access to more resources to aid the many volunteers in our Byway communities. We plan to commit, follow-up and deliver.   

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