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 October, 2013
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America's Byways® featured in Midwest Living Magazine's
25 Ultimate Fall Drives 
Matthiessen State Park - Illinois River Road National Scenic Byway
25 Ultimate Fall Drives
To celebrate Midwest Living's 25th anniversary, we chose our all-time favorite fall drives, the ones showcasing the best of the season and the region. All our drives deliver memorable scenery, towns, restaurants and lodgings. You'll see familiar routes, plus a few surprises.

Producer: Hannah Agran

Lincoln Highway Association Celebrates Centennial of America's First Transcontinental Highway
Here a home sale attracts shoppers from all over the U.S. east of Hayesville, Ohio



Traveling throughout the United States by car today is easy compared to the early 20th century. The Lincoln Highway was the creation of Indianapolis Motor Speedway founder Carl Fisher, who, with help from industrialists Frank Seiberling (founder of Goodyear) and Henry Joy (president of Packard Motor), envisioned an improved road stretching nearly 3400 miles from New York to San Francisco. Fisher created the Lincoln Highway Association in 1913 to both promote the road and fund the project. Read more about the Association and the History of the Transcontinental Highway at   lincolnhighwayassoc.org 


Speaking of the Lincoln Highway...

In its 9th year, the 'BUY-WAY' Yard Sale saw over 1,200 points of sale covering 400 miles of the Lincoln's path in Ohio. The three-day 'BUY-WAY' sale, the first weekend in August, raises awareness about the history and path of Ohio's portion of the Lincoln Highway. From something as simple as a motorcycle in a lawn to a county fairgrounds with over 30 vendors, the event not only brings thousands of shoppers, but fills hotels and restaurant.


Marketing Your Byway Tip #1

Marketing Sign
Developing Your Marketing Plan
Before your marketing can deliver a message, you need to know its intended audience and what the message will say. Research and planning shape these important aspects of your marketing plan.  Putting the plan on paper-writing it down-ensures that everyone in your organization understands the strategic rationale behind marketing efforts. 

It provides a yardstick to measure whether an unexpected opportunity, such as a discount on advertising or free booth space at a conference, fits with your byway's goals and objectives. Developing a marketing plan does not have to be expensive, but it does require an investment of time. Your byway may want to assign a committee to work on a marketing plan or you may want to hire outside professionals, especially for larger communication goals. Either way, your organization should create a marketing plan every time that you have a specific message that you want to communicate to another audience.
For more information see byways101.org

The National Scenic Byway Foundation
Lions Head Mountain along the Glenn Highway National Scenic Byway - Alaska
Lions Head Peak - Glenn Highway National Scenic Byway - Alaska


The National Scenic Byway Foundation was founded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2003 by a group of committed byway advocates interested in assisting byways become the best they can be.  Our goals are to: 1) educate the public about byways; 2) conduct byway research; 3) develop partners to assist us; 4) communicate with byway stakeholders; 5) celebrate byway achievements; 6) ensure fiscal and programmatic accountability. 


We are a member organization open to any individual or organization interested in furthering the Foundation's goals.  Annual membership fees are:  $40.00 individual; $150 organization; $1000 lifetime member.  Won't you join us by becoming a member?  Go to our website,  www.nsbfoundation.com for further details. 

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Ask the Experts!


The National Scenic Byway Foundation (NSBF) Board and Staff are highly experienced byway experts.  One of the goals of the NSBF is to provide information to all byways so that everyone can best share the scenic, historic, cultural, natural, recreational and archaeological characteristics they represent to their visitors. 


If you have a question or would like ideas on how to best complete a project, gather volunteers, market your byway, hold a celebration, find out about native vegetation, what to do about signs, whatever your question, just ask us!


We'll be happy to help.  And, if we don't know, we probably know someone who does and we can refer you to them! That's also what we want to do-provide a network so we can all succeed!


Contact info@nsbfoundation.com for assistance!


Preserving the Historic Road 2014

Savannah, Georgia - September 26-28, 2014

The ninth annual biennial conference will be held at the Embassy Suites Savannah next September. Historic Roads is accepting abstracts from individuals interested in presenting papers. Abstracts are due by January 31, 2014. Please mark your calendars and encourage others who may have an interest in the attending the conference. For more information, see http://www.historicroads.org


NSBF Seeking Board of Director Nominations


The National Scenic Byway Foundation (NSBF) Board and Staff are seeking nominations for board members.  If you are interested please contact info@nsbfoundation.com for more information.  We look forward to hearing from you.


National Scenic Byway Foundation Mission and Vision

The mission of the National Scenic Byway Foundation is to provide leadership to empower, strengthen and sustain byways.
The vision of the National Scenic Byway Foundation is that byways 
will be recognized and valued worldwide for their 
distinctive experiences, stories and treasured places.