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Collection of National Byways
Happy 2015!    


    At the National Scenic Byway Foundation, we are excited to offer you new opportunities.  In this newsletter, we are announcing our first of three webinars for the year.  In August, we will hold our first new byway leader training workshop.   Plus, as in 2014, we are offering you the opportunity to join the Foundation booth on Federal Row at IPW 2015 - May 30 - June 3 in Orlando, FL - www.ipw.com.  Please keep an eye out for the Foundation newsletters and alerts for more details on these and other opportunities.


    With the new Congress convening and transportation program operating under a short-term funding extension through May, we encourage you to send or resend letters to members of the Senate and House Transportation Committees asking them to take action to clarify that Transportation Alternative funds may be use for byway projects.  We encourage you to contact your representatives with the same message.  Please go to our homepage for example letters. 


     I look forward to serving as the new chair of the NSBF board.  I commend Anaise Berry, our outgoing chair, for her leadership and continued dedication to the Foundation and byways.  We welcome your participation in the Foundation by becoming a member and becoming active on one of four committees - Branding & Product Development, Community Support, Leadership and Organizational Development.  As always, we welcome your ideas and suggestions about how the Foundation may serve you and byways better.


Best regards,

Rob Draper

Chair, National Scenic Byway Foundation

Around the Country

The Creole Nature Trail and Southwest Louisiana are featured in the Winter edition of the American Road Magazine.


This issue of American Road is dedicated to birds-those free spirits of the air who seem ageless as they sail through the centuries. The tribute begins with a trip that is timelessness itself: "Watch the Birdies" explores Louisiana's Creole Nature Trail, that warbling line of beaches and bayous, salt marshes and Creole culture. Wetland refuges thrive in the brine and thrill birdwatchers who come to sneak peeks at paradise. "American Road's Big Birds" visits twenty-one of the nation's largest roadside avians. Here, one finds the huge Bluebird of Happiness, prodigious Pelican Pete, colossal Claire d'Loon, and a flock of additional over-sized fowl too enormous to fit in a birdcage.


Congrats to the Byway leaders in promoting their area with the 14 page presentation. Many birdwatcher will now want to visit for sure! The Creole Nature Trail opens vistas of traveling opportunities for those who simply love the outdoors. Visit the website for the newest APP downloadable for your next visit. 



Submitted by Anne Taber Klenke


State Coordinators Corner

       Florida is working toward a new reporting format for its annual report submissions. Led by Jeff Caster, State Program Coordinator, efforts are underway to make data collection realistic for byway stakeholders to understand successes and challenges of each community group. Currently there are 24 Florida Scenic Highways with new ones emerging along with some extensions of existing corridors. The next quarterly State Historic Advisory Committee meeting will be held January 21, 2015 to review action on Corridor Management Plan applications. A long overdue update to the state Scenic Highway Program manual is also percolating through reviews by the Florida FDOT staff and corridor management entities.

To see what's happening in Florida visit the following sites:

Tourism Website: floridascenichighways.com

Program Website: floridascenichighways.com/program

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FloridaScenicHighwaysProgram 


2015 Conferences and Events

    • IPW - May 30-June 3, 2015         Orlando, FL
    • NSBF Webinar - Feb. 4, 2015     GoToWebinar
    • NSBF Webinar - May 6, 2015      GoToWebinar
    • NSBF Training - August              Details TBA 
    • NSBF Webinar - Oct. 7, 2015      GoToWebinar





"Successfully Social: 5 Ways That Social Media Can Help Your Scenic Byway, Heritage Highways or Trails"


Stay tuned on how to register.


The NSB Foundation is offering three webinar opportunities in 2015. The first of the series will be held in February focusing on social media and how it may aid in byway promotions and marketing. Sheila Scarborough and Leslie McLellan will conduct the session guaranteed to kick start your year toward success in gaining attention for your work.  Stay tuned for news on how to register and participate in this 60 minute session. Other webinar events are set for May and October of this year.  Refer to Byways101.org for excellent marketing and promotional materials. 
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