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February 2015

Geocaching Comes to Illinois River Road
Geocaching Comes
to Illinois River Road

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Dear Dave,


Greetings!    This month we are announcing new leadership at the Foundation. January marked the changing of the guard for our officers. Please feel free to contact any of our Board members representing our interests throughout the country.  Learn more about them at our website. The Foundation's officers for 2015 include: Sharon Strouse-Vice President, Charlotte Bumgarner-Treasurer. Past Chair, Anaise Berry, and Co-Executive Directors, Sally Pearce and Deb Divine,  will serve on the Foundation's Executive Committee. More information about the seventeen directors from around the United States is found at our website: nsbfoundation.com. We encourage contact with any or all of our volunteer board members to learn more about our work for the Foundation.


Best regards,


Rob Draper

Chair, National Scenic Byway Foundation

Around the Country


In an effort to generate awareness about byway travel and promote cultural and heritage tourism, the National Scenic Byway Foundation recently partnered with the U.S. Cultural Heritage & Tourism Marketing Council to include an article about traveling America's byways in the 2015 edition of The Cultural Traveler magazine. While the piece promotes byway travel and the collection of America's Byways┬«, it specifically highlights a broad collection of our nation's byways: Historic Route 66, Trail of the Ancients, Great River Road, A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal Byway, Journey Through Hallowed Ground and Historic Columbia River Highway.  Additional articles featuring Colorado and Vermont byways are a real testament to the notion that BYWAYS HAVE A LOT TO OFFER VISITORS!


The Cultural Traveler is distributed at U.S. and international travel trade events, group travel conferences, and to AAA members.  Thanks to the supporting byway visitor centers who stepped up, copies of The Cultural Traveler will also be distributed from approximately 70 byway locations throughout the country.  The online version of the magazine can be found HERE.

Submitted by Anaise Berry


State Coordinators Corner


Gary Jensen, Federal Highways Byway Manager, provided an update to the Foundation Board  and brought to the forefront news about the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP). This program traditionally has provided funding streams for many byway improvement projects. You may review some questions and answers regarding program specifics at this link: http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/map21/qandas/qatap.cfm.  Coordinators may be interested in major financial changes impacting excess reserve funding. There appears to be no substantive changes for the byway community.


The United States Department of Transportation is currently looking forward 30 years for the future of transportation. The framework of how to move forward with changes in population growth, climate change, freight movement, new technology and all aspects of transportation are under discussion. Take a look at Beyond Traffic: Trends and Choices, a 30-year outlook on the future of our Nation's Infrastructure. http://www.dot.gov/BeyondTraffic


The Foundation welcomes State Coordinators to contribute articles of interest for future newsletters.  

2015 Conferences and Events



You will soon be able to view  our posted
webinars on our website. Please join the Foundation to support these ongoing events. 


Our First Foundation Webinar

    The Foundation successfully launched its new webinar series for 2015. On February 4th "Successfully Social" provided a foundation of knowledge for our byway participants to understand the growing importance of connecting personally with the traveling public on our corridors. One of the presenters, Sheila Scarborough with Tourism Currents, will continue to be involved in all productions this year. Foundation Board member, Debbie Rinckey of Market Wise in Alaska, will present the next webinar set for May 6, 2015. Her topic will be on the effective use of Constant Contact as a marketing tool. October's topic will be on Virtual Tours. All webinars will be archived on the Foundation website and always available for members only viewing. 


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