July / August | 2015 Issue 
Message from the Foundation

On February 21, we sent an Action Alert encouraging byway leaders and stakeholders to contact their members of Congress and request their support to clarify that Transportation Alternative Program funds may be used for byway projects. 


In February, Federal transportation funding was projected to run out in May.  In late May, President Obama signed into law an extension of highway funding through the end of July. 


Congress continues to work on a long-term solution.  And, we continue to encourage you to offer your ideas about what improvements should be made in the National Scenic Byways Program.  It is simpler for Congress to include your ideas now, rather than add them to a bill later in the legislative process. 


Now is the time to let your members know your views.  You don't need to travel to Washington.  Contact your Senators' and Representatives' local offices.  Call, write a letter, or email.  We have additional information on our website  http://www.nsbfoundation.com. 


Best regards,

Rob Draper

NSBF Chair

New Look - New Logo

This month we are unveiling our new logo and tagline to the greater byways community. We worked with Illinois-based marketing and design company, Bright Idea!, to develop new messaging and a new look that more clearly and consistently convey the National Scenic Byway Foundation's purpose. The branding process was both productive and informative! You can look forward to several changes ahead, besides a new look - New membership benefits, streamlined electronic correspondence, and an updated, easier to use website, just to name a few.


Contributed by Anaise Berry, Product & Brand Development Committee


Training Set for August


Byway Leader Training will be held August 23 - 26, 2015 along the Amish Country Byway. We are planning for 15 participants from across the country, including two state coordinators as well as state and national byway leaders. Instructors include some of our most experienced professionals in the byway community:  Deborah Divine and Sally Pearce, Chris Sieverdes and Sharon Strouse.


Intensive course work is planned for topics from Byway Interpretation to Byway Organization Management and Marketing. Field work will include Wayfinding, First Impressions, and Intrinsic Quality Mile by Mile assessment experiences to replicate back home. This opportunity is sponsored by the National Scenic Byway Foundation. Thanks to the support of the Amish Country Byway and the Heritage Leader Foundation, we are able to offer this educational opportunity for byway leaders.   

Contributed by Sharon Strouse, NSBF Vice Chair

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