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 March, 2014
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After a long, hard winter for most, it looks like spring has finally arrived! That's good news for those planning to get out and drive our byways and enjoy driving vacations! National Scenic Byway Foundation volunteers have been preparing for a busy spring season.   We are gearing up to have a strong presence at the upcoming IPW Conference in Chicago April 5-9, promoting byway travel throughout the U.S. and showcasing a number of byways and state byway collections that have partnered with the NSB Foundation for this conference. We're also excited to be part of the Heartland Byway Conference being held in Kansas, just around the corner April 14-16.


We'd love to hear what you are up to!  Let us know about some of the great byway projects, conferences and initiatives your byways are involved in.  Your ideas also serve as inspiration for others!  Share with us at  info@nsbfoundation.com.  This month our focus for the newsletter is on "Regional Byway Events and Promotions".  Next month our focus is "Volunteerism".  


Best regards,


Anaise Berry

Chair, National Scenic Byway Foundation


A Tribute to the Colorado Scenic and Historic Byways



This year marks the 25th Anniversary for the Colorado Scenic and Historic Byways program.  The program was established in 1989 through an executive order signed by Governor Roy Romer.


This Executive Order specified that the Scenic and Historic Byways Commission evaluate and recommend for designation the San Juan Skyway, Peak to Peak Highway, and Highway of Legends as the first three Colorado Scenic and Historic Byways.  These three routes had already been designated or were being considered for designation as U.S. Forest Service National Scenic Byways.  Because the BLM was proceeding rapidly with their Back Country Byway Program at the national level, the Byways Commission also decided to include the two proposed Colorado BLM routes, the Alpine Loop and Gold Belt Tour in the first round of state designations.


Since 1989, a statewide system of 25 Scenic and Historic Byways have been designated in Colorado.  Eleven of these routes have also been designated as one of America's Byways® by the US Secretary of Transportation.  The mission has remained the same over the years: "The Colorado Scenic and Historic Byways program is a statewide partnership intended to provide recreational, educational, and economic benefits to Coloradans and visitors through the designation, interpretation, protection, promotion and infrastructure development of a system of outstanding touring routes in Colorado."   In 2013, the Commission approved a new vision: "Guiding travelers to experience and be inspired by treasured places that comprise Colorado's Scenic and Historic Byways."


The anniversary will be kicked off at the Capitol on Friday, March 14, 2014.  A resolution titled, "A tribute to Colorado's Scenic and Historic Byways" will be introduced in both the Senate and the House. Fifteen out of the 25 Byways will also be present. Additionally, the Colorado Byways will have a booth in the rotunda distributing outreach information.


The 25th Anniversary Logo has received rave revues. Additionally, the 25th Anniversary Commemorative Poster (1989-2014) will be distributed through various agencies (byways, municipalities, chambers, and libraries) throughout the state. The photo on the poster is courtesy of renowned photographer, John Fielder.


The website, www.ColoradoByways.org, includes the anniversary logo with a link to a Colorado Byways article on Colorado.com, the portal for the Colorado Tourism Office. The CDOT site, also features major partners, including the Colorado Tourism Office, History Colorado, and the U.S. Forest Service. Each individual byway map has been updated and provides major features and local chambers of commerce.


The Anniversary Conference will be held on June 19 & 20, 2014, in Black Hawk, Colorado, which is a gateway to the Peak to Peak Scenic and Historic Byway.  Newsletters and other materials are also available online to support the grass-roots celebration. 

For more information, visit  www.ColoradoByways.org .

Senators Jeanne Nicholson (third from left) & Gail Schwartz (right) marking 25th Anniversary of Scenic Byways at the Capitol
 Byway display in the Capital Rotunda




Cascade Loop Scenic Byway is NOW Accessible to guests traveling in Electric Vehicles!
Andy Porter Washington Pass
Washington State's Cascade Loop Scenic Highway will soon be fully accessible to guests traveling in electric vehicles! As of Spring 2014, electric vehicle charging stations will have been installed throughout the entirety of the Cascade Loop's 440-mile path, offering travelers not only the ability to choose which type of station they'd like to use, but also, confidence in knowing that their vehicle can be fully charged throughout the Loop's amazing diversity of landscape and geography.

"Charging your way around the Loop" is pretty simple now. Start your journey at Mukilteo's Future of Flight Aviation Center, home to one-of-a-kind aviation-focused fun while you charge up at the same time. Next, head towards mountainous Stevens Pass. Charging is available at the Sky Valley Visitor Center in Sultan. Additional stations can be found at the Stevens Pass Ski & Board Resort and the Sky Deli in Skykomish. Take in a festival (and amazing food) in Bavarian-themed Leavenworth. Charge up at City Hall, Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, or Best Western Icicle Inn. Travel towards Wenatchee and explore Ohme Gardens and riverfront Pybus Public Market. A charging station is available at the Springhill Suites and behind the Wenatchee Convention Center. Head toward the glacier-fed Lake Chelan Wine Valley where the water and the wine are beautiful year-round. Charge up at historic Campbell's Resort.


Traveling alongside the mighty Columbia River, head toward The Methow, home of abundant outdoor recreation, art galleries, and renowned local cuisine. Charging stations are available at the Pateros Lakeshore Inn, Twisp River Pub, Winthop's Pine Near RV Park or the Mazama Country Inn. Climb toward the North Cascades and take in sweeping alpine views. Pack a picnic or explore while charging in Newhalem. Pass through more amazing views as you head toward the Skagit Valley, known for its flower fields and historic barns. Charge up at Burlington's Fairfield Inn.


The final leg of your trek is found on the islands. Fidalgo Island's town of Anacortes has a charging station at Walgreens, close to maritime views and whale watching tours. Drive over jaw-dropping Deception Pass and pass along the Navy community of Oak Harbor, historic waterfront towns of Coupeville and Langley, numerous beaches, walking paths and scenic views. Charging stations are available at Oak Harbor's China City and Langley's Saratoga Inn. Once you've explored to your heart's desire, just catch a ferry ride out of Clinton back to Mukilteo, where you started.


The Cascade Loop Scenic Highway proud to offer fossil-free travel for our EV-driving guests. Need more information? Just email us at info@cascadeloop.com.


*The Cascade Loop Association partners with Plug-In NCW, an affiliate of the North Central Economic Development District 

Marketing Your Byway Tip #3 
Defining Your Message Online
A strategic way to maximize your byways brand is to enhance your online presence. 
For discussion purposes here, the two main types of portals or venues on the Internet are websites for entertainment, information or tools, and social media sites such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.  The broad
distinction between websites and social media is how visitors engage with the site.  
A website provides one-way communication from the site owner to the computer user. It may encourage feedback, purchases, requests for more information, etc, but these communications are sent via e-mail and not posted or shared for all to see.
Social media encourages ongoing communication among the site owner and multiple computer users.  At any one time, millions of computer users are engaged in these digital conversations. 

For more information see byways101.org

Byways Partner with 2014 Preserving the Historic Road Conference - Registration Opening Soon!

Savannah, Georgia - September 26-28, 2014   


The National Scenic Byway Foundation is pleased to announce that we are a partner with Preserving the Historic Road for the Ninth Biennial Preserving the Historic Road Conference. The local planning committee is organizing an exciting program including tours of Southeast Coastal Roads, a welcoming event at the Savannah History Museum, and a Low Country Boil at the historic Tybee Island Lighthouse.  Details will be forthcoming on the conference website. 


The Foundation will offer a $100 scholarship to our members towards conference registration.  More information will forthcoming on the scholarship, registration and the conference schedule.  See http://historicroads.org/


Conference Hotel: Embassy Suites Savannah


We look forward to byways participating actively with the foundation in this conference.  See you in Savannah!




Other 2014 Conferences and Events


Scenic America Affiliates Conference 

April 11, 2014 

Houston, TX 

See:  http://www.scenic.org/


National Outdoor Recreation Conference

May 13-16, 2014

San Francisco, CA

See: National Outdoor Recreation Conference 


National Main Streets Conference

May 18-20, 2014

Detroit, MI

See:  National Main Streets Conference 


Rally 2014: The National Land Conservation Conference

September 18-20, 2014

Providence, RI

See: National Land Conservation Conference 


National Preservation Conference - National Trust for Historic Preservation

November 10-14, 2014

Savannah, GA

See:  National Preservation Conference  


NAI National Workshop - National Association for Interpretation

November 19-22, 2014

Denver, CO

America's Byways® has been updated! 
Take a look at the newly revamped website to make sure all the information about your byway is up to date and listed correctly and that there is a live link to your website.  If you need changes please email Gary Jensen at Gary.Jensen@dot.gov.
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