April 2013
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The mission of the Illinois River Road is to provide a living museum without walls that will enhance people's experience of the nature, history, archaeology and other intrinsic qualities of the byway, while providing and maintaining unique recreational and educational experiences for visitors and residents, and sustaining local communities' economies and quality of life.


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River Stories Logo
Mark your calendar for our 5th Annual River Stories Cruise
Wednesday, June 12th
6 - 9pm
Spirit of Peoria
Foot of Main Street, Peoria
Join us for food, cocktails and fun!

Illinois River Road Geocaching
The program marks its 2-year anniversary this May and continues to draw visitors and area residents to explore the Byway region.  With 90 caches (15 in each Gateway Community) hidden throughout the 10-county region, we've got a lot of activity to show for it!
It's making an economic impact!
  • IRR caches have been visited 8,223 times since the program launched
  • Geocachers spent 420 days seeking IRR caches
  • Geocachers spent $18,200 seeking IRR caches (fuel, food, lodging, etc.)
  • 88% of those who cached the Byway are now more likely to travel the Byway as a result of their experience


Frequently Visited Cache Sites
Illinois River Road's Most Frequently Visited Caches
You'd be surprised how many geocaches are hidden near you...possibly right under your nose!  Illinois River Road caches are hidden in both urban and rural settings, exposing cachers to our unique communities and beautiful natural areas.  Below are the top 10 most often visited caches to date:
1. Starved Rock Lodge
2. Starved Rock East Shelter
3. East Peoria Riverfront Park
4. I&M Canal Tollhouse - Ottawa
5. Ottawa Visitors Center
6. Spirit of Peoria
7. Bradley Park - Peoria
8. Ottawa Boat Ramp
9. Glen Oak Park - Peoria
10. River Beach Drive - Chillicothe
For a total of 1,959 finds in 24 months!
Did You Know?
There are more than 2,052,784 active geocaches and over 5 million geocachers worldwide.
Click HERE for more information about geocaching the Illinois River Road.
For more information about geocaching worldwide, click HERE.
Getting the Word Out
The Illinois River Road National Scenic Byway was recently the subject of a series of articles, blogs and an outdoor news radio program by Chicago Sun-Times outdoor writer, Dale Bowman.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently featured Peoria, a city on the Illinois River Road National Scenic Byway as a great weekend getaway.
Illinois River Road advertisements and editorials are currently being featured in:
Upcoming Events

Spring Plant Sale
Luthy Botanical Gardens - Peoria
April 26-28

Midwest Morel Fest
Downtown Ottawa
May 3-4

Demo Derby
May 4

Wine, Art, Balloon and Jazz Festival
May 25

Fairy Gardening Workshop
Hornbaker Gardens - Princeton
June 1
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