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Sharon Strouse
Amish Country Byway

A Message from Our New Chair


Thank you to the Byway Community for the opportunity to serve. As the co-chair of our church missions committee, it strikes me how service to community also constitutes 'missions.' Does your Byway have a clear mission? The National Scenic Byway Foundation exists to help your Byway community accomplish its mission. Check out our website atwww.nsbfoundation.com. We offer 'Tools, training and support for byway leaders.'   In January we added a new board member, Chris Sieverdes, and elected officers.Read more about our Foundation leaders. 
Contributed by NSBF Board Chair, Sharon Strouse   
Social Media Tip of the Month
Brand Pages Can Communicate

Did you know that Facebook Messenger isn't just for fast, convenient notes between people on Facebook? Brand Pages can now communicate with customers, visitors, and guests via private messages, including responding to a Page comment with a message. It's a great way to answer questions quickly and solve problems.
You can even automatically earn a special badge for your Page if you respond to 90% of messageswithin five minutes.
Obviously, you need to decide if you're ready to meet the expectations of this sort of customer service. People WILL expect a response from your Page, just like they expect a response and interaction when they leave a comment.
To turn on Page messaging, you must be a Page Admin. Then, do the following:
Go to Settings - General - Messages - Allow people to contact my Page privately by showing the Message button - Save Changes.
Go here to learn more about messaging for Facebook Page Admins:  https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/facebook-tips-messaging-for-page-admins/  
Contributed by Sheila Scarborough and Leslie McLellan,Tourism Currents 

Spring NSBF Webinar
Social Impact Investing: Strategies which seek to consider both financial return and social good to bring about social change.
Wed. March 22, 1pm EST.
Part I:
Learn about expanding your thinking beyond your own resource constraints.Patrick Westerlund
Presenter and Social Impact Investment Coach, The Wells Foundation
Contributed by the NSB Foundation Education Committee

Sharing Best Practices: Transportation Leadership


Can Byways help create a 'Sense of Community?' Most certainly they can. Streets themselves can be re-imagined to be places where the community comes together. The project for public spaces expresses this concept in detail in its article onStreets as Places.
A1A Byway 2009 Scenic America Workshop
Field trip surveying oceanfront amenities 
Their ten qualities of a great street include:
1)      Attractions and Destinations
2)      Identity and Image
3)      Active Edge Uses
4)      Amenities
5)      Management
6)      Seasonal Strategies
7)      Diverse User Groups
8)      Traffic, Transit and the Pedestrian
9)      Blending of Uses and Modes
10)    Neighborhood Preservation

Read more at theProject for Public Spaces.
Contributed by Sharon Strouse, NSBF Board Chair
Reminder Deadline - Request for Qoutes

The National Scenic Byway Foundation is seeking quotes for Professional Services in the preparation of the National Scenic Byway Foundation Newsletter and Social Media. Deadline for submittal is12pm ESTonFebruary 28, 2017.

Please see the attachedRFQ  for more information.
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