Seeking a way to rejuvenate your Byway committee? Looking for a consultant to help your byway move ahead to prioritize and complete a project for the coming year? Are you just tired and stuck?

Consider sharing the load with a Byway Peer Advisor. In 2011 and 2012, a dozen byway leaders trained and participated in a consulting assignment along America’s Byways. Most of these peer advisors are byway leaders in their state and have committed to accept assignments that fit their expertise to support a local byway.

Bobby Koepplin and Dan Albrecht are the committee chairs to make connections for a Peer Advisor assignment. With hopes that the National Scenic Byway Foundation can help support your request in some way, let us know that you need help from a Peer Advisor. Our committee wants to work with your byway committee to achieve success.

Contact Bobby Koepplin to be in touch with a NSBF committee member who will assess your needs and be attentive to find ways to help you. Bobby’s contact information is, phones 701-840-0250 cell and 701-845-2251 work.

Byway Committee Support Committee co-chair: Sharon Strouse