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July | 2016 Issue  
Heat tips from national experts
Sizzlin' Summer :  
Time for Leisure Reading       
As heat waves blast the nation from California to New York, perhaps it's time to retreat for a road trip to the mountains or lounge by the pool with good reading material. Heat advisories are in place from the coast of Virginia to the bayous of Louisiana - a sweltering swath covering 16 million people. The heat index could top 105 degrees across the Deep South, The Weather Channel reported.  The National Weather Service has issued excessive heat warnings across the nation, saying that the heat will be not just stifling but dangerous. Stay hydrated in all regions - indoors and outdoors. 100 degree temperatures are common throughout the United States.
The Foundation is currently updating its website and many tools for byway leaders are populating the new format. Enjoy and explore. 
Social Media Tip 
Need some help keeping up with constant changes in digital communications and marketing? 
Get yourself some "scouts" - people and organizations who keep track of what's happening, then keep YOU informed.
Here are a few of our favorites:
**  For a comprehensive weekly overview of digital news, trends, and commentary, consultant Scott Monty's.
**  For how-to posts on social media tools, tryand the.
**  From Kami Huyse at Zoetica Media, the classic.
**  Almost every morning (Monday-Friday) PR and data expert Chris Penn tweets out 5 links to useful information or developing trends, from his Twitter account, using the hashtag #the5 
**  For tips and ideas specifically about social media for tourism and hospitality, try our twice-monthly  Tourism Currents email newsletter. 
Contributed by Sheila Scarborough and Leslie McLellan, Tourism Currents 

Resource Corner:
Best of the Byway Tools for Byway Leaders  
For a limited time only, the last hard copy stocks of theJournal for America's Bywaysis available free to the first requests. There are three published volumes only. TheJournalcontains insightful stories guaranteed to boost success of your byway initiatives. Copies may be requested from the foundation by emailing and stating which volume is requested. A small postage donation is appreciated with the request. Online versions of theJournalare available at the foundation website.
Contributed by Sally Pearce, Co-executive Director of the NSB Foundation
IPW 2016 - Another Success

International travel buyers from around the world converged on New Orleans on June 20-22 for IPW 2016. Many of these international tour operators, as well as international media also in attendance, were looking for new off the beaten path itineraries for their clients/readers. Twelve scenic byways who opted to participate cooperatively with the NSBF were showcased to these travel decision makers during one-on-one pre-scheduled appointments.  Strategically located with other public land entities in the Find Your Park section of the show floor, the Scenic Byways booth had more than 40 (out of 44 potential) appoint

Are you marketing your byway to international visitors? Check out to see how the participating byways connected to other nearby public lands to produce interesting, comprehensive and salable trips. 

Contributed by Anne Klenke, NSB Foundation Director and Tourism Director for the Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau
Webinars from the Foundation
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Save the date:Wednesday, October 19, 2016 at 1 pm ESTfor
"Attracting Visitors: Building Byway Itineraries"              NSB Foundation Sponsored

"Boost Your Fundraising with Social Impact Investing"   Ohio Arts Council
Thursday, July 21, .1:30-2:30pm

Contributed by Sharon Strouse, NSB Foundation Director and Education Committee Chair
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