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March | 2016 Issue  
Bright ideas from bright lights of Las Vegas

Did you know that the City of Las Vegas, Las Vegas Boulevard is a National Scenic Byway? 

Actually it is an All American Road because there is only one of its kind around. This was the venue of the 2016 strategic planning retreat of the National Scenic Byway Foundation Board of Directors held in February. The last time the 17 member board met was in 2012 for the creation of the 2013-2015 plan. Out of the three day planning session came a refined vision for the direction of the Foundation in a renewed commitment for education, training and support of byway leaders. Look forward to the new plan in the days to come because what happened in Vegas will NOT stay in Vegas this time.

Deep in thought with ideas of a future, NSB Foundation Board
And for now a bit more about the 3.4 mile byway that can be driven in 15 minutes.

For being such a short stretch of roadway, Las Vegas Boulevard is one of the most highly traveled passenger and pedestrian routes in the country. What an experience observing the evolution of Las Vegas beginning in the north at the Old Mormon Fort, which marks the first European settlement in Nevada, and ending near the Stratosphere, the tallest freestanding structure west of the Mississippi River. Viewed at night, the roadway is a work of art in itself due to the concentration of neon sign art that advertises everything from historic wedding chapels and motels to museums and other cultural amenities. Many of these original and restored neon signs are from the 1950s, the hey-day of neon sign art, and possess the charm and aesthetic appeal that make this section of Las Vegas Boulevard a must-see. Walk back in time and enjoy:

Vegas Fountain 
Las Vegas Fountain of Dancing Lights

Contributed by Sallie O'Hara, Communications Committee Chair  
Did you know? 
There are 26,139.7 miles in our collection of the 150 National Scenic Byways. Of that, 12,421.7 miles crisscross the nation in the East and 13,718 miles weave the beautiful fabric of the West. Today many travel apps are available in helping to navigate those miles. 

10 Second Tip 
Does your byway include any museum attractions? Are they feeling overwhelmed by digital marketing options? Here is some advice on where to focus: 

1) Robust email marketing (yes, email - it works)

2) A rocking brand Facebook Page 
(that's where almost everyone's market is, so be active there & do it well)

3) Showcase live activities online (use Facebook live streaming when it becomes available to you, or try Periscope, tweets, Instagram, or even live-blogging)

These could apply to ANY understaffed & overwhelmed CVB, DMO, attraction, or hotel. Stay focused!

Tip: the February 2016 #tourismchat on Twitter was about digital marketing for museums. The chat transcript is full of ideas:  

Contributed by Sheila Scarborough and Leslie McLellan, Tourism Currents
There is still time to get involved! IPW is the travel industry's premier international marketplace and the largest generator of travel to the U.S involving over 1300 international and domestic buyers from over 70 countries. IPW 2016 will be held Saturday, June 18, through Wednesday, June 22, at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.

To participate in showcasing your byway,  contact NSB Foundation board member, Stacy Brown at (318) 222-9391 or email the NSBF at
Commitment forms are requested to be returned asap if you are interested.     
Contributed by Stacy Brown, Chair Branding and Marketing Committee   
A new NSBF Webinar - April 28, 2016 - Thursday @ 1 p.m. EDT
"Byway Sustainability: Vision, Leadership & Funding"
Hear from two Scenic Byway leaders, each with over 20 years experience in cultivating byway organizations that not only survive, but thrive! You ask -- how do you find funding? The answer is having a clear vision and strong leadership. These byway leaders will share their experience and tips that will strengthen your byway organization and put you on track for sustainability. Guaranteed! Mark your calendar now to save the date for National Scenic Byway Directors Janet Kennedy and Bobby Koepplin to share their experiences.

Almost Here
 Heartland Byway Conference
Council Bluff, Iowa 
April 4-6, 2015
Last call for registrations!
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