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August | 2016 Issue  

Anniversary Celebration


The Foundation is currently partnering with other organizations to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the America's Byways. Legislation creating the National Scenic Byways Program was signed in December 1991. Since its inception 150 Scenic Byways continue to operate under the guiding principles preserving aesthetic qualities of our national landscape.

On Tuesday, December 6, 2016 from 5 pm to 7 pm a reception will be hosted on Capitol Hill to commemorate the milestone. Partners and sponsors include: Journey Through Hallowed Ground, The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, and Scenic America. More information will follow soon.


Instagram - So Easy!
Byways and Instagram are a perfect match. The Instagram photo-sharing app is easy to use (isn't that a relief?) and you don't have to post something every single day; once or twice a week is fine.
Need ideas for what to share? A quick check of the #Byway hashtag on Instagram shows photos of scenery, flowers, long expanses of highway, animals, Byway signage, cars and motorcycles traveling through scenic sections, and distinctive local Byway businesses.
We did a webinar on Social Photography earlier this year that has more details; Foundation members can find it after logging in on the NSBF website. As a bonus, what's great about Instagram is that it's perfect for sharing UGC (User-Generated Content, meaning photos that others have taken along your Byway). The webinar will tell you how to do that, using a free tool.
Don't let all your beautiful summer photos sit on your phone or camera. Share them on Instagram and get a conversation going. It's an easy way to show off all that is happening on your Byway! 
**  For tips and ideas specifically about social media for tourism and hospitality, try our twice-monthly  Tourism Currents email newsletter. 
Contributed by Sheila Scarborough and Leslie McLellan, Tourism Currents 

Resource Corner:
Byway Assessment Tool    
As the tourist season winds down, we start considering our byway's budget for the next year. This might be a good time to evaluate the byway and its operation, attractions and our visitor experience. The NSBF website has a number of tools that can help. One that I found helpful is "A Self-Assessment Tool for Byways," developed by the America's Byways Resource Center (July 2012). It looks at six key factors of any byway.
These are somewhat different than the criteria that was used when preparing a corridor management plan. It really looks at how you are implementing your Corridor Management Plan and how sustainable the byway and your organization may be.
As you go through the evaluation, either as a byway leader or as an implementing organization, you will see your strengths and your weaknesses.
Use the results to make budgetary and program decisions for next year.
I offer two cautions:

- At the end of sections 3, 5 and 6 be aware that the perfect score is not 28, so adjust the math accordingly. This should not cloud the overall usefulness of the document or the evaluation process.
- Resist the temptation to compare how your byway is doing against the one elsewhere in the state or country. If you are an "analytical type," the scores may be lower than those arrived at by someone in marketing or hospitality.
What is important is seeing where your strengths and weaknesses lie.
Use it as a constructive tool to build a better byway, improve your visitor experience, and bolster the sense of community and quality of life along your byway.
Contributed by Eric Hamilton, Director for the NSB Foundation and Mohawk Towpath Byway
Webinars from the Foundation

Why are itineraries needed?

Thursday, October 19, 2016 - Join Talia Salem with Brand USA and Stacey Brown with the Shreveport/Bossier City CVB discussing what is important to travelers about planned itineraries, especially for international visitors. Expert advice will be presented on how to create compelling itineraries with excellent examples.  Registration announcements coming soon.

2017 Featured Topics - Resource Protection; Social Impact Investment - Part I - Your Story; Social Impact Investment - Part II - Where to find the money?

Contributed by Sharon Strouse, NSB Foundation Director and Education Committee Chair

Around the Nation - Fun Festivals

BooZoo's Labor Day Festival - Labor Day Festival - Iowa, LA -September 5, 2016
St. Augustine Spanish Wine Festival - St. Augustine, FL -September 8 - 11, 2016
Portsmouth River Days - Portsmouth, OH -September 1 - 4, 2016
Lincoln Home National Historic Site Centennial Celebration
Springfield, IL - Aug. 25 - Sept. 3, 2016


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