The National Scenic Byway Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 2003. Our vision is that byways will be recognized and valued worldwide for their distinctive experiences, stories and treasured places. Our mission is to provide leadership to empower, strengthen and sustain byways.

Hot Topics

Transportation Alternative Program Letters – Please alert your legislators now!

The House of Representatives recently passed a bill that authorizes federal highway programs for six years and provides more than $300 billion for transportation and infrastructure. This marks the first time in 10 years that Congress has approved a long-term highway bill. The Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act (the STRR Act) will help improve our nation's vast system of roads, bridges, and public transportation systems.  Transportation enhancements continue to be funded under the Transportation Alternatives category. As has been the case for two years, under this category, enhancements will have to compete with other programs for a smaller allocation of money and states have the flexibility to use half of their Transportation Alternatives on other priorities. There continues to be no secured funding set aside for historic/scenic byways.  The National Scenic Byway Foundation recently sent letters to the Senate and House Transportation Committees asking them to take action that Transportation Alternative Program funds may be used for scenic byways projects.  We encourage you to contact your members with this same message and copy the members of these key committees – see ADDRESSES. This likely is the last opportunity as part of this reauthorization cycle to include a clarification that Transportation Alternatives Program funds may be used for byway projects.  More specifically, the list of eligible projects should include a reference to "Byway projects, as defined in section 162" of Title 23.  Copies of the Foundation’s letters are found under Resources/Action Examples.

NSBF Byway Leader Training Workshop

The NSBF held its first Byway Leader Training Workshop in Millersburg Ohio, August 23-26, 2015. The Amish Country Byway hosted the training with the class field session being held along the Ohio & Erie Canalway Byway.  There were 10 participants attending the training representing eight states:  Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Tennessee and Utah.
 Topics addressed included byway intrinsic qualities, visitor experience, interpretation, authentic experiences, strategic planning, partnerships, organization management, the CMP process, evaluation of a CMP, wayfinding, volunteer management, the role of NSBF and NSBF benefits.
“This training was a great experience and allowed for great networking among byway professionals.” -  Jan Gammon, Iowa Lincoln Highway

“The NSBF Byway Leader Training was very motivating and gave some great information.” - Joyce Chambers, Indiana Lincoln Highway

Latest Information From Byways Around The Country

Be sure to check Foundation News for the latest information from byways around the country, including the Every Kid in A Park Pass campaign, information about the Cascade Loop’s National Ford Magazine and Florida’s St. Augustine’s 450 celebration of history along AIA Scenic & Historic Coastal Byway.

Plan on Bike and Pedestrian Safety

The Secretary’s Action Plan on Bike and Pedestrian Safety will promote design improvements to ensure safe and efficient routes for pedestrians and bicycles, promote behavioral safety, and provide education to help individuals make safer travel choices. The initiative will also encourage vehicle safety by drawing on current crash avoidance technologies to alert motorists to the presence of bicyclists and pedestrians.  Please see attached for a copy of the action plan.  Byway communities interested in this effort are encouraged to work with your State department of transportation and/or metropolitan planning organization.  For more information, please visit,, and   Please note that there is no additional funding associated with this initiative.

Byway Leaders Survey

The Foundation recently conducted a survey of byway leaders from around the country.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  See the final report here.  It’s also in our Resources section under Research.